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Relaxation, Deep Tissue, or Therapeutic

Customize your massage here...Therapeutic Massage focuses on a specific problem and helps to relieve pain. Deep Tissue Massage will target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to help chronic pain and muscle tension. And Relaxation Massage, also known as Swedish Massage is great for improving circulation and range of motion without causing discomfort. Book a time slot, and then we will discuss in session what is best for you.

  30 Minutes: $40

  60 Minutes: $65

  90 Minutes: $105

Hot Stone Massage

During this massage I will be using smooth, heated stones of different weights and sizes to help melt away your stress and tension. The heat of the stones help warm and relax your muscles allowing me to work deeper without more pressure. Benefits include: pain relief, increased joint flexibility, stress relief, and decreased muscle spasms. Book your session now! 

 90 Minutes: $120

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is great for mom's to begin in their second trimester. Treatment can then continue throughout the rest of the pregnancy as long as the client is comfortable, and is not experiencing high blood pressure. To ensure that my client remains comfortable I will place you in a side-lying position, supported with pillows or soft cushions to alleviate any extra strain on your lower back. 

30 Minutes: $40

60 Minutes: $65

Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping is done by placing different sized cups on the body and creating a suction that can aid in healing, cell rejuvenation and improve circulation and inflammation. By increasing the bloods circulation I relieve muscle tension by lifting off the skins fascia allowing the nutrients to flow versus applying deep pressure to the injured area. Add to any of my massage services except hot stone.  

$10 add-on fee 

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